Freah’s Mentor Corner: Part 2

Here we are, part 2. I wanted to stay objective about my advice, but finding things to talk about has been pretty difficult. This time we’re going to talk about Roles, Pacing and Communication.

My pre-winter Healer Glamour. Now I have the coat!


In an online game like XIV, which requires you to play in teams. It is very important to not only know your job well, but also your role. There are 3 roles within the game, and all with their own specific job.

Tank: The tank gets (and keeps) the attention of the enemy (enemies) to prevent the other members from being hurt as much. A tank has higher defense than the rest of the party and is great at generating enmity. Their other role is to lead the party around a dungeon, as make it as smooth as they can to their ability. (Note: Tanks should hit enemies first).

DPS: (Damage per second). Exactly that. A DPS deals damage to the enemies. Making sure to use AoEs (Area of Effect) and DoTs (Damage over Time), to maximise their damage dealt. They are also the best choice for adds during boss battles.

Healer: Heal. That’s the main thing. They also provide the party with healing buffs, shields and can help out with the DPS.

If any of these roles are off-balance, chaos can ensue. If a tank can’t get and keep the hate of the enemies, the main target may switch to a DPS or a Healer.

If a DPS doesn’t attack, the battle itself will slow down.

And if a healer doesn’t heal…well party members die.

I’ve come across many healers like this over the past couple years of playing, and quite often it’s at 8-24 player content. Just because there are 2 healers, doesn’t mean that one can ignore healing altogether. Share the healing, share the attacking. This way MP isn’t depleted so quickly and it doesn’t get too stressful for the “solo-healer”.

If you are unsure about how to use your skills, as I mentioned in the last Mentor post, there are many resources readily available to help you out.

I rushed through the story but I finally just finished my first Anima Weapon though. 


I started playing in January 2017 and by mid February I had already completed Heavensward. I regret that a little bit. I was trying so hard to catch up that I didn’t really take the story in as much as I should have, even skipped a large amount of voiceless cutscenes. I’ve been playing for almost 2 years now, and have every job maxed out to 70. But I wish that I had taken more time with the stories and enjoyed it more. My advice to you is not to rush it. Enjoy it. Don’t burn yourself out. I’ve found that recently, I’ve definitely been in a rut when it comes to content. I maybe go to one or two dungeons while I’m logged in, but the rest of the time (in fact most of the time) I find myself fighting to keep the afk logo away.

Playing Solo is totally fine.


Now, as you know from my previous posts, I don’t play on an English speaking server. I’ve been tempted to move a few times, but with the friends I’ve made in Belias. I really don’t want to leave. I think that communication is key for any MMO, especially with something like XIV where there is a lot of group content. Going through the game solo is possible if that’s how you want to play, but personally I think a lot more is open to you if you have a group.

Try to make some friends, join an FC, greet people. Just throwing out a /wave or a /bow emote now and again can help. I remember I once spent my time waiting for Palace of the Dead, just blowing kisses at random other Au Ra, just for a laugh. But out of it I gained a few friends, some of which were other English Speakers.

Nowadays, outside of my FC, I rarely speak to other Japanese players (this has a lot to do with my Japanese confidence) but I make sure to use よろしくお願いします and お疲れさまでした in battles and at dungeons. I have even set up macros for them. I also joined an English speaking Linkshell, which has made playing a lot more enjoyable too (when we can actually get everyone together). With those LS members I managed to complete half of Alexander on Savage, but it can be difficult to get a full party together with them as a lot are focusing on their own stuff.

Anyway, that’s it for this time. Catch you in the next one. Until then, I’ll be posting in Japanese some more. Level updates, monthly goals etc. I’m hoping to set up some kind of question and answer system soon, so keep an eye out for that. I’m looking forward to hearing from you all too~. 


Long time no see!元気だよ!





2週間ぐらい毎日何回も行った。クリアするのは難しかった。もちろんヒラ(白)で行ったから、クレイジーだった 笑。(やっとクリアしてよかった)。 でも、その練習のお陰で、ヒールスピードとかすごく速くなったと思う〜。今でも段々もっといいヒラになってる!



Freah’s mentor corner: Part 1 (New player tips)


First of all, welcome to the wonderful world of Eorzea. It’s a very pretty place and you can easily get wrapped up in taking screenshots and group pose photos with your character. There is soo much to see and do in this magical world, I hope you enjoy your time with us all there. If you’re an mmo veteran or new to the online gaming experience, there is always something for you in Eorzea. (okay, cheesy time over. But in all honestly, Eorzea is amazing. So much time and effort went into creating it and it’s beautiful).

As a new player to XIV, there are a couple of things I’d like to help you out with. As an in-game mentor I am always on the lookout for ways to help. So by using my blog I want to achieve this. Hopefully I can turn this into a frequent FAQ kind of series, so I will keep my eyes open for anything to add in the future.

Right, let’s get to it shall we? For this first installment, we have skills, gear and “jumping”.



First, learning your job’s skills is important. Knowing how to use them will help you as a player greatly. If you look at the game website, there are breakdowns of each job and all of the skills and combos to go with them. You can also check in-game. All of the skills have information pop up when you hover over them on your hotbar(s), the same goes for the Actions & Traits section in your in-game menu. The information provided will help you get a grasp of what each of the skills do and what other skills you can use them with to gain a damage boost etc. For example, knowing that a certain skill can stun a target can be very useful for when you get to somewhere like Hakkuke Manor.

As you level up and as you do your job’s quests, you’ll gain new skills. Read the information on these as you learn them, then you can work out how to fit them in with your playing style. (When you reach level 60 and level 70, especially as a DPS, there will be more detailed skill rotations, these are worth researching as they will maximise your damage during battles). Another thing to note, especially for Melee DPS, is that some attacks will work better when executed from the enemies flank rather than from behind. You can find out which ones these skills are by reading the information accompanying them.



It’s amazing how much of a difference upgrading your gear makes to your stats. It can make job quest duties easier, and also give you more of a boost in dungeons. (The higher level gear also looks better too). By having low gear, you will get hit by more damage during battle and if you are a healer, you won’t be able to heal to your full potential, ultimately making everything a little bit more difficult than it should be.

A great thing to do is to go to the dungeon closest to your level and just farm away. Collect every piece of gear that you can. (Usually, by the time you have done this, you will have levelled up enough to start collecting on the next dungeon. It may sound tedious, but for levelling, it works). If you have some high level crafter friends in-game, and don’t have the time to spend hours farming gear,  it might be worth asking them if they can make you some gear too. Don’t forget, you can also get gear from some side missions too.



As a first-time player, I would not recommend buying the job jumping potion. (A potion that will allow your character to jump ahead to lvl 60 in a specific job). I bought this for my sub-character, Rina, but it didn’t go so well. I picked a job that I didn’t have as Freah, my main character, thinking that it might be nice to try something new. I picked Astrologian and found it very hard to get the hang of it for a while. And the cards were nothing but confusing. However, since then I have become an Astrologian as Freah and learnt it from the beginning. This, in my opinion was a lot more beneficial as I could learn how to use everything from scratch. And as a result of this, I now really enjoy playing as that job.

Jumping can be great for a sub-character, but only if it’s a job that you already know or have the time to spend learning.

Story jumps however, I have no negativity towards. You may miss out on a lot, but you can always rewatch the story at an Inn.


So there you have it, I hope these small pieces of advice help you in some way. Keep tuned for the next installment.

Coming up on the blog soon: How I’ve decorated my in-game house, Japanese level updates and retainer profiles.

Until next time ^^


英語でLong time no see. 春休みだから、やっとアップデートポストをしようと思った。

前のポストの時から、結構上がったよ〜 FCの潜水艦2つ作ったから、クラフターのレベリングしてた。採掘師と鍛冶師と機工士をカンストした。17つの70ジョブある。


機工士は難しいけど、楽しい。今からスキル回しをよく練習する。装備集める中だけど、もうIL327 だ。

次のレベルするジョブは占星術師かも。リナでもう70できたから、スキル慣れた。他のジョブはまだ低いね〜 赤はちょっと興味ないから、一旦スキップする。




English/Japanese Glossary 英語日本語辞典



Hey guys, so I know how hard it can be to understand a lot of what’s going on when you’re on a Japanese server so, to help out I’ve been making an English/Japanese Glossary.


You can view it here.


It’s an ongoing process, so please bear with me. I will try to update it as often as I can. You can find lists of the different jobs and classes easily on the internet, so I wont be including them. (Maybe I’ll do a separate page in the future).

まだ言葉あまりないけど、よくアップデートしてみるから、時々見てね~ ジョブとかググルで簡単に見つけるから今は毎日出てる単語だけ通訳する。(ジョブとかはツイッターで見える。#FF英語コーナー



今日はすごく寒くて、雪降っている。白しか見えないw 今晩もっと降ると聞いた。春はやく来てね!!

それでは、久しぶりのアップデートをスタートしよう! 最近仕事は忙しくなったから、ブログするチャンスを減ってしまった。前のレベルポストから多くレベルをあげた。いいよね!

freah feb14th




1- 鍛冶師は60まで

2- キャスター装備を集める

3- 極白虎の白武器 (フレさんはクリアしたいから、一緒に頑張る)

4- 色んなレベリング

5- マスタークラフターの本 (特にVI)

6- モグリ・コウジン・アナンタのデイリークエ

7- とりマウントの集めを始まる


マスタークラフターの本はメインゴールだ。裁縫師と木工師でもうゲットしたけど、それ以外の70クラフターではまだだ。実は「II」もまだゲットしないw (裁縫師以外かも)。